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If you are looking to perform anywhere in the west coast and you need, promotion including websites, video editing, banners, artist for shows, TV commercials, business start up directives, business directors, beats, music mastering and show cd preparation, T Shirts, J-Cards, flyers, recording studio time, performing at the awards show, press release, verses from major artists, advice, mentoring, music theory info, guitar lessons, beat lessons, recording studio built at your home. Please contact me I am qualified.

If you (and most of you do) need more plays, more downloads, more networking, more production then get at me asap.

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Try Out $20 Come over talk and find out whats best to help you go farther on your budget and foot work available to you know. How can I make things go farther for your music and art.

1st 4 sessions $60 flat

Guitar classes $25 Her Hr (Learn Keith Urban Songs and More) also check out

1st  4 Weeks up to 10 songs

2nd 4weeks Weeks up to 10 songs

3rd 4 weeks Weeks up to 10 songs

Recording music (No engineer) $20

Making CD Covers $40 per hr

Editing videos $40 Her Hr

Promoting your music $30 per hr

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