Creating a New Network

My name is Jeff Rhodes an official board member and representative for the west coast hip hop awards that means I can get you an award if you feel you deserve it and I feel you deserve it. This means I have a lot of experience involving honoring artist, recognition of being worthy and everyone is worthy unless they don't step up. I have a youth program to give youth an alternative activity to do that's something fun but also something many youth fantasy of and that's performing on a stage in front of live people. I can make that happen for you if you step up including parents stepping up for there youth.


Help to create national street teams

Looking to connect local promoters world wide seeking networking with artist and artist development. Contact me and lets talk (503) 975-9722. Jeffrey (Straightlace) Rhodes

This is a great opportunity for any artist - I invite you to team up with me on a national level - Even if your just starting out. I have a team of promoters and producers to help me. You can Look up (A Laced Beats, Indamix Records, Family Business, Afton shows, Next Level Promotions just to name a few.) Get at me I can help you more than you think even if you don't got money I will still produce your music and manage you if you stay in school. I have a Recording Studio on the bus line as well.


Youth Opportunity

If you don't have money to pay $25.00 per hour then I will record you free and manage you. This will help you reach your personal goals with your music. Come up with a plan and able you to follow your dreams. I will hope that you will stay in school and out of trouble or that will put you in last place in the recording position. If you want to agree to this then please go back to my home page and fill out the Bio Information. Call me if I don't get back to you in a couple days I get a lot of spam. 503.975.9722 Jeff