Hi my name is Straightlace

Welcome to my site I made this website and all the promotional material in it. You can call me at (503) 975-9722 If you need studio time at $25.00 Per hour please get at me.


The funny thing is, it actually works.

Straightlace Productions

I am here to bring promotion to your music and videos. I know how to make you succeed at a very little or no budget. I want to give opportunity to those who can not afford it but will do the work. I this an Internship and we are like partners, management and planning relationship with a recording studio for your track to come alive.

Beats are all originals

I make pretty much my own style of beats I can also sample other styles. I run Reasons and Cakewalk X2, but I have most of the programs out there. I know other beat makers and you can make your own beats using my equipment.

Current Promotion

I am looking for artist who deserve an award at the west Coast Hip Hip Awards 2018. Please submit there names to me. If you would like to be presented at the awards show and receive and award you believe you deserve let me know. Hit me at straightlaceproductions@gmail.com

Go on tour

If you are ready to go on a tour I can help set that up. I work with Aftonshows and can get you on and promoted. You really don't need my help just go to Aftonshows.com but your going to need a plan to really win.

Reliable Skills

I have been making beats over 25 years. I know music theory somewhat such as major seconds and thirds cord structure and the circle of 5ths - On top of a ton of software programs

What ever it is

Press-kits, websites, social networks, networking, bio's, beats, mixing and mastering, and more.

Lets make it happen - come join my team I am looking for 20 to 30 artist right now to manage

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